Dee is one of my Mountain Sister Poets. We met four years ago at Table Rock Writers Workshop when we both took the poetry workshop with Joseph Bathanti. There were only four of us in the class and the bond we four women formed– and still have – was immediate, and can only be described as familial. It was as if we always knew each other.

Dee regularly travels to Taos, New Mexico, and the Spirit of that place is found in her poetry. She has a connection with the Native Americans and her own Appalachian ancestry that allows for visions of animal totems and a deep pull to the land – whether that land is in the mountains or on the coast. Many of Dee’s poems read like prayers, one senses a gathering of ancients. Others reflect her zeal for life and I wish you could hear the joy in her voice when she reads them.
— Kim Blum-Hyclak on Dee Stribling for "A Writer's Window"